The Full Guide for International Investors in UK Property Markets

Nov 2, 2023

The UK property market has consistently been a favoured option for international investors due to its healthy long-term returns and market stability. Furthermore, if you’re an overseas investor contemplating investments in UK property, there are several key aspects you must grasp before diving in. In the following article, we will present an overview of the steps involved in investing in UK property as an overseas investor.

Investing in UK property as an overseas investor can be a lucrative opportunity; however, it’s important to understand the process before making any decisions. With our comprehensive guide, we aim to give you a clear understanding of what investing in UK property entails and how you can make the most out of this market.

First and foremost, let’s start with the basics. As an overseas investor, you will be buying a property in the UK with the intention of either generating rental income or making a profit from selling it in the future. This means that you will need to research and understand the current state of the UK property market, including factors such as demand, supply, and average property prices.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding UK taxes on property.
  • Exploring different investment structures available.
  • Identifying where to buy investment property in the UK.
  • Learning how to invest in the UK property market in six steps.

What’s the property market like in the UK?

The UK property market has always been trusted and a great option for investment and growth. It varies in terms of prices, locations, and property types, making it essential for investors to research and choose the right property. From bustling city centers to picturesque countryside settings, the UK offers a diverse array of property investment opportunities.

Can International Investors Buy Property In The UK?

Yes, international investors can purchase property in the UK. Understanding the legal and tax implications of investing in a foreign country is crucial. The UK property market has traditionally been a sought-after option for global investors seeking portfolio diversification. Following the pound’s depreciation post-Brexit, there are potentially appealing investment prospects for foreign buyers.

While buying property in the UK may appear complex for international investors, especially newcomers, guidance from property investment experts like Rothmore Property can help you navigate the process effectively and secure a reliable investment with substantial returns.

What are the different investment structures that investors can use in the UK?

As a foreign investor, you have various ways to invest, such as owning property directly, establishing a small company or partnership, or investing in a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). The best choice depends on your preferences, location, and tax obligations.

Owning property directly is straightforward; however, you are accountable for all debts. On the other hand, creating a small company or partnership safeguards your assets but involves additional paperwork and taxes. Investing in a REIT offers more diversity and flexibility; nevertheless, consider the associated costs and risks as well.

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What are the property tax implications in the UK for overseas investors?

If you’re not a UK resident, you’ll face the same property taxes as UK residents when buying an investment property. However, the tax amount varies based on your residency status, property type, and investment structure. For instance, you might have to pay stamp duty land tax (SDLT), income tax, or capital gains tax (CGT).

When you sell the property, as a non-UK resident, you could be subject to CGT at a higher rate of 28%. Therefore, it’s crucial to get professional advice before investing to fully grasp your tax duties and how they affect your returns.

How To Invest In The UK Property Market In 6 Steps

If you’re an overseas investor looking to invest in the UK property market, follow these six steps:

  • Define your investment goals and budget.
  • Contact Rothmore Property for expert guidance.
  • Make a deposit and reservation fee.
  • Secure financing options.
  • Complete the sale.
  • Use a reputable management company for property management.

These six steps will assist you in navigating the UK property market effectively, guaranteeing a prudent investment decision. By collaborating with experts like Rothmore Property, you can gain valuable support and advice at every stage of the investment process, starting from selecting the appropriate property to overseeing and up keeping it.

Housing Shortages Means Higher Demand

The UK is facing a housing shortage, with approximately 4.3 million homes missing by February 2023. Consequently, house prices are on the rise. Although the government aims to construct 300,000 new homes yearly, bridging this gap will be a lengthy process.

When considering entering the housing market, your decision should be influenced by both personal factors and market conditions. While projections suggest improvements in 2024, your financial preparedness and the economy’s stability are crucial factors to consider. Investing in property for the long term offers potential rewards, yet it also carries risks, so thoughtful deliberation is key.

To make informed investment decisions, a comprehensive understanding of property prices and market dynamics across various regions is essential. Allow us to assist you – we possess insights into market trends, identified promising locations, and selected developments tailored to each area.

Leasehold vs Freehold

Knowing the difference between leasehold and freehold ownership is vital for choosing the right UK property. Freehold means you own the building and land, while leasehold means you own the building but not the land. Understanding these ownership types is crucial for global investors looking at UK properties. While both have their pros and cons, leasehold properties generally come with additional fees, such as ground rent and service charges.

As an overseas investor, it’s essential to carefully review the terms of a leasehold property before investing. Get professional advice on any potential implications and how they may affect your investment decision. Additionally, research the local market to gain insights into which ownership type

UK real estate: Where to buy an investment property?

Manchester Property Investment

Manchester has become a highly lucrative market for buy-to-let investors, offering attractive rental yields and promising capital appreciation. Keep reading to find out why adding Manchester property investment to your portfolio is a great option and how you can maximise the potential of the thriving buy-to-let market in Manchester.

According to The Sunday Times, Manchester has been crowned the top UK city to reside in. Here are five reasons why Manchester is a great place to invest:

  • Rising prominence of its universities.
  • Flourishing tech industry.
  • Extensive regeneration initiatives.
  • Strong rental yields.
  • Long-term capital growth opportunities.


Manchester thriving property market

Birmingham Property Investment

Birmingham, the second-largest city in the UK, is currently experiencing a massive regeneration project valued at billions of pounds. For property investors seeking cities with promising economic growth and potential, Birmingham property investment should unquestionably be on your radar. Its ongoing transformation presents a remarkable opportunity for investment.

Birmingham is set to become an even more attractive investment destination in the coming years. Here are five reasons why Birmingham is a great place to invest:

  • Affordability compared to other major cities.
  • Lower entry prices for property investors.
  • Higher potential rental yields.
  • Upcoming opening of the HS2 high-speed rail line.
  • Increasing attractiveness as an investment destination in the coming years.


Birmingham thriving property market

Manchester and Birmingham Investments with Rothmore Property

Considering investing in Manchester or Birmingham property? Let Rothmore Property help. Our experienced team knows these cities well and aims to keep your investments secure and profitable. We research markets to find high-potential properties with strong rental demand. We listen to you to match our services with your investment goals.

Contact Rothmore Property today and unlock the exciting investment opportunities in the flourishing real estate markets of Manchester and Birmingham. With us, rest assured that you’re on a solid path to build a prosperous property portfolio.

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In conclusion, investing in UK property as an overseas investor offers profitable long-term opportunities. Moreover, it is crucial to thoroughly understand the legal and tax implications before making any decisions. By partnering with industry experts like Rothmore Property, you can benefit from their invaluable support and advice throughout the investment process.

From property selection to management and maintenance, they will guide you every step of the way. By following these steps and carefully considering the best investment locations, you can make informed decisions and potentially achieve strong returns in the UK property market.

Start your journey towards successful property investment today!

Birmingham Property Investment


This guide is intended solely for informational purposes and should not be considered as investment advice. For those in search of financial guidance, it is advisable to consult with a financial advisor authorised by the FCA, to receive regulated advice tailored to your investment choices.

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