For a better future

We’re planning to create a new community in Manchester that will provide much-needed wrap-around support for the city’s homeless and vulnerable men. Embassy Village will provide a safe environment to enable them to get back on their feet.

Plans are underway to build the UK’s largest village for rough sleepers in one of Manchester’s most desirable neighborhoods. Embassy Village will provide homes for 40 men in purpose-built pods underneath 10 railway arches in the Castlefield district, where one-bedroom flats regularly sell for £250,000.


We are extremely proud to sponsor Embassy Village, which is a new and ambitious approach aimed at reducing homelessness in Manchester.

The project will offer skills and opportunities to those in need providing a long-term solution.

Rothmore Property provides continued monthly financial support to cover the running costs of one home, along with taking part in fundraising events such as the Great Manchester Run and half marathon. We aim to increase these efforts in the future to give back to the local community and those in need.


Why is it needed?

Homelessness across the UK and Greater Manchester is rising since the pandemic. Across Greater Manchester alone, an estimated over 5,500 people are homeless, a number which has dramatically increased over the past five years. With the end of furlough, the end of the government ban on evictions, the end of the Everyone In scheme, and also some of the original shelters closing down because they didn’t survive the pandemic, the city is braced but very ill-prepared for what is about to unfold in terms of new people in desperate need.

It is not unusual for single homeless people to have no other option than to live several years in shelters before local authority housing becomes available. Our aim is to reintegrate homeless men into the workforce and private sector housing without the need to rely on benefits. This isn’t just about saving society money – it’s about improving the self-esteem and life chances of men who have longed to get on their feet and contribute to society again. The Embassy Village has the potential to become a major force for good in our city’s fight to tackle the number of people and time spent needlessly on the streets.

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