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Rothmore Property offers exclusive Manchester properties and Investment opportunities. As Manchester-based property specialists, we offer you the chance to invest in off-plan developments and buy-to-let properties with returns of up to 10% – 15% NET.

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    why invest in manchester property?

    Welcome to manchester – one of the most exciting investment destinations in the UK.

    With its dynamic economy, rapidly expanding population, and thriving property market, this city offers unparalleled opportunities for investors looking for growth and profit. Whether you’re a local or foreign investor, investing in Manchester property can offer significant returns on investment. 

    Manchester’s property market offers great potential for growth and profit. With average property prices on the rise, investors who act now have the opportunity to achieve considerable capital growth. The city’s property values are also increasing, making it an ideal time to invest.

    Manchester is forecasted as a prime investment for 2023, with house prices projected to rise by 5% (JLL).

    JLL predicts Manchester to lead UK’s rental growth with a projected increase of 21.6% over 5 years.

    Manchester saw a 19.6% surge up to June 2023 and is expected to keep rising, as per JLL.

    In The Economist’s 2022 Liveability Index, our city was proudly named ‘the UK’s most liveable city.’

    The city centre has a diverse range of properties, including beautiful residential properties and luxurious new developments Manchester. Investing in residential properties presents a valuable prospect for long-term capital appreciation, as well as high rental yields.

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    Featured New Developments in Manchester

    Unlock the potential of property investment in Manchester! Rothmore Property offers a range of featured properties with excellent returns and great locations. Whether you desire a luxury apartment or a high-yielding investment opportunity, Rothmore has a wide range of properties for you to penetrate the thriving Manchester property market. Start your search today and embrace the possibility of lucrative returns and a prosperous future.

    economic growth

    A city that’s experiencing an economic boom and presents promising property investment opportunities.

    With its thriving economy, rising population, and growing property market, Manchester is becoming one of the most attractive locations for property investment in the UK.

    The Manchester economy is on a steady rise, driven by diverse industries such as finance, technology, and healthcare. This growth has translated into a flourishing property market in Manchester, with property values increasing significantly over time. According to Oxford Economics, Manchester is projected to experience the highest economic growth among all cities in the UK over the next five years, with an impressive growth rate of 16.4%.

    With new developments and new builds popping up all over the city, there are plenty of opportunities for investors to make valuable investments.

    The UK’s 2nd largest creative hub, with companies like BBC, Google, IBM, and Cisco.

    Expected to lead UK cities in economic growth in the next 5 years at 16.4%, as per Oxford Economics.


    One of Europe’s fastest-growing cities and the UK’s 3rd most visited destination for UK and overseas visitors.

    Economic forecasts predict 65,000 job growth, with total city employment reaching 315,000 by 2040.

    Manchester’s population has been steadily increasing, driving demand for new builds and property investment opportunities. According to the latest estimates, the population of Greater Manchester is expected to reach 3 million by 2038, making it one of the fastest-growing regions in the UK.

    Manchester property market

    Manchester’s property market is booming

    Thanks to the city’s thriving economy and growing population. Over the past few years, there has been an increasing demand for property in Manchester, resulting in a significant appreciation in value. This trend is due to the city’s diverse job opportunities, world-class universities, and attractive lifestyle.

    The average property price in Manchester is currently around £230,000, which is significantly higher than other cities in the UK. Despite the impact of inflation on the property market, Manchester’s property values have continued to rise, attracting more investors from all over the world.

    Experts predict that the Manchester house prices will continue to perform well in the future, with property values expected to appreciate by 4% annually over the next five years. This prediction is based on a combination of factors such as the city’s expanding economy, rapid developments, and rising population.

    Investing in Manchester properties presents an excellent opportunity for investors looking to maximize their returns. With the right approach, investors can capitalize on the city’s current market conditions to achieve long-term capital appreciation and high rental yields.

    In conclusion, the Manchester property market offers great potential for growth and profit to investors. Take advantage of this opportunity now, and invest in Manchester properties today to reap the benefits in the future.

    Investing in Manchester property market presents an excellent opportunity for investors looking to maximize their returns. With the right approach, investors can capitalize on the city’s current market conditions to achieve long -term capital appreciation and high rental yields.

    Discover more about Manchester before investing by checking our area guide!

    Buy-to-let Property Market Investment in Manchester

    A promising investment opportunity for investors.

    The Manchester property market is on the rise, offering unparalleled growth prospects. According to the JLL Big Six Residential Report (March 2023), property prices in the North West region are set to soar by an impressive 18.8% by 2026. This makes Manchester a secure and sound investment option.

    The city’s robust economic fundamentals are the driving force behind these promising figures. With a 5-year sales forecast of 19.3% and a 5-year rental forecast of 21.6%, investing in Manchester is a lucrative opportunity not to be missed. And with a projected growth rate of 6% for MFH in 2030, the potential for high returns is undeniable.

    The average house price in Manchester currently stands at £255,000, a substantial increase of 15% from the previous year. This appreciation in value equates to an impressive price boost of £34,900. Such figures further emphasise the strength and growth potential of the Manchester property market, making it an appealing destination for investors seeking strong returns.

    Rental Demand
    in Manchester

    Manchester is experiencing an ever-growing rental demand

    Manchester city centre is experiencing an ever-growing rental demand, with a 36% increase in rental demand since September 2020. Properties in the city recorded an annual growth rate of 22%, compared to 18% in Birmingham, according to research from property services firm JLL.

    The market is competitive, with young professionals, students, and couples all vying for rental properties in the city centre. High-end residential new builds are seeing 1 bedroom commanding rents of £1750 per month for 1 beds and £2,500 for 2 beds. The average rent in Manchester is now £1,600 per month which has gone up from £944 six months ago according to Manchester Evening News. 

    Investors looking for rental investment opportunities in Manchester should consider purchasing properties in prime locations with high rental demand.

    Manchester is home to several reputable universities, making it an attractive investment destination.

    Vacation rentals also present great investment potential, with premium prices being paid during peak tourist seasons, particularly for events such as football matches or concerts.

    It is essential to identify and evaluate investment opportunities carefully, taking into account variables such as rental yields, vacancy rates, property prices, and potential for capital appreciation. Working with experienced property consultants can also help investors identify the best property investment opportunities in Manchester.

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