Celebrating 5 Years of Rothmore Property

Apr 23, 2024

Founded in April 2019, Rothmore Property quickly made its mark in the vibrant Manchester property market. As we celebrate our fifth anniversary, we look back on a journey of dedication, integrity, and quality that positioned us as a leader in the property sector.

Our focus has always been on showcasing top residential developments, either off-plan or completed, in key UK regions. Highlighting top developments in districts mapped out for regeneration and growth. Over the past five years, we have emerged as a key player, transforming the urban landscape and guiding investors through the exciting opportunities the UK property market presents.

The Visionaries Behind Rothmore Property


Rupert Aslett and Maxwell Scully’s unwavering commitment and visionary leadership in the property sector stand as a testament through Rothmore Property. Building Rothmore Property from the ground up, these two have dedicated themselves tirelessly, showing remarkable determination and resilience. Their drive for success and efficiency distinguish Rupert and Maxwell in the industry. As business professionals, they inspire others with their relentless pursuit of excellence and capacity to overcome challenges, embodying true leadership qualities.

The Team Behind the Success


At Rothmore Property, the vision of our leaders and dedication of our entire team build our success. An amazing team of professionals stands at the heart of our success, each bringing their unique skills and passion to the forefront of the property industry. The collaborative spirit and unwavering commitment to excellence of the team have driven Rothmore Property’s growth. Their innovative approach and deep understanding of client needs have established Rothmore Property as a leader in its field, setting new standards for quality and professionalism.

Excitingly, the Industry Eagles have nominated our sales team for the Team of the Year 2024 award. This nomination testifies to the hard work and synergy of our talented team members who consistently exceed our clients’ expectations. Industry Eagles’ accolade further solidifies the impact of their collective effort and the exceptional level of service they provide, recognising their commitment to excellence in the property market and underlining Rothmore Property’s status as an industry leader, supported by a team of exceptional professionals. This nomination is not just a milestone for our sales team but an honor for the entire Rothmore Property team, celebrating our collective achievements.

Humble Beginnings in Manchester


Since launching in April 2019, we initially aimed to significantly impact the Manchester market. Right from the start, we expanded our reach, significantly marking our presence in the UK residential sector, especially in other key cities like Birmingham and Liverpool.

At Rothmore Property, we take immense pride in our contributions to the Manchester property scene. Our collaborations with the city’s three largest developers highlight our commitment and influence. We are currently engaged in multiple projects nationwide, further solidifying our footprint across the UK. We are actively involved in 11 major Manchester projects, showcasing our role in transforming the city’s landscape.

Award Winning Agency


This year, Rothmore Property has seen exceptional recognition for its efforts and achievements across the property industry, marking multiple fronts of acknowledgment.

These include the nomination of our co-founder and director, Maxwell, for the Young Property Personality of the Year 2024 award by Property Week, as well as the Property Investment Managing Director of the Year 2024 by SME News. These nominations are a testament to Maxwell’s influential contributions to the property industry. Furthermore, Maxwell’s strength in leadership has been recognised with a nomination for Leader of the Year 2024 by Industry Eagles, adding to his list of distinguished accolades.

With Maxwell and Rupert Aslett, Rothmore Property has not only thrived but also expanded. These accolades drive us to set our sights even higher, ensuring Rothmore Property continues to lead and innovate in the competitive UK real estate landscape.

Moreover, the nomination of Rothmore Property for the Best Place to Work 2024 by Industry Eagles honors our vibrant and supportive company culture. We pride ourselves on fostering an environment that encourages innovation, collaboration, and job satisfaction, a core belief that Industry Eagles’ nomination for this distinction recognises. This highlights our dedication to excellence, not only in our achievements but in creating a workplace that attracts and retains top talent in the industry.

property week - Max award


Unwavering Commitment to Excellence


Adding to our 5-year milestone, we want to highlight our 5-star reviews. These reviews affirm our dedication to client satisfaction. They aren’t just ratings; they showcase the exceptional service we offer and reflect our values of integrity, transparency, and personalised attention. Want to see what our clients have to say? Why not watch some of our video reviews.

As we celebrate five years of success, Rothmore Property’s journey is far from over. With a clear vision for the future, a relentless commitment to excellence, and our 5-star Google reviews backing our reputation, we are ready to continue our growth trajectory and make an even greater impact in the coming years.

As we raise a toast to five years of achievements, we do so with heartfelt gratitude to our clients, partners, and employees who have been instrumental in our success. Together, we’ve navigated challenges, celebrated victories, and forged enduring relationships that form the bedrock of Rothmore Property’s legacy.

So, here’s to five years of resilience, innovation, and unwavering dedication. But more than that, here’s to the boundless potential of the next five years and beyond. With your continued support, Rothmore Property will continue to push boundaries, exceed expectations, and write the next chapter of our remarkable journey. Cheers to the future!

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