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Discover investment opportunities across the UK property market with Rothmore Property. We connect savvy investors with prime new build apartments and off-plan properties nationwide. Maximise your success with high-yield, low-risk investments in the UK buy-to-let market. Our extensive experience positions us as your trusted guide throughout the property investment journey. With experienced consultants skilled in assisting national and international buyers, our focus lies in new build developments and property investments.

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    Why invest in the UK property market?

    Opportunities of the UK Property Market with Rothmore Property.

    The UK property market offers stability, security, and consistent growth, making it an appealing choice for both national and international investors. With rising rental yields, declining mortgage rates, and high demand for rental properties, the UK presents a unique opportunity for substantial long-term returns.

    Looking ahead, experts project significant growth, with house prices expected to increase by 17.9% over the next five years. These positive indicators, coupled with a potential interest rate decrease, make now an ideal time to invest in UK property with Rothmore Property. Our expert team provides strategic insights and handpicked opportunities to help you secure your financial future.

    According to a recent poll of Rightmove subscribers, 42% of agents reported higher buyer demand compared to 2024.

    Halifax says the house prices outlook for 2024 is for prices to fall by between 2% and 4% on average.


    According to Rightmove, new sellers’ average asking price had a significant increase of 1.3% in January, the highest rise since 2020.

    Paragon Banking Group reported 6 in 10 landlords report increased tenant demand in Q4 2023.


    Discover prime investment opportunities in the most lucrative buy-to-let areas with Rothmore Property. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our collaborations with trusted developers to pinpoint locations that offer substantial rental yields, strong tenancy demand, and significant potential for capital growth. Our team of seasoned property investment consultants is dedicated to helping clients achieve their investment goals while providing an engaging and informative experience.

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    Unleash the potential of property investment across the UK! Rothmore Property offers a diverse portfolio of featured properties, promising excellent returns and prime locations. Whether you’re seeking a luxurious apartment or a high-yielding investment opportunity, Rothmore has a wide range of properties for you to explore in the thriving UK property market.

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    What Sets Rothmore Property Apart?

    Rothmore Property, the top choice for property investment in the UK.

    Embark on a property investment journey with Rothmore Property, the epitome of excellence in the UK real estate market. We are committed to exceeding expectations, evident in our exceptional customer service, high-quality investment opportunities, and innovative expertise. With a proven track record and strong support network, we offer more than just investments; we foster growth and financial intelligence.

    Trust our dedicated team of experts to provide professional guidance and valuable market insights, empowering you to make informed decisions. Discover tailored property investment opportunities with Rothmore Property and achieve success in the UK real estate market.

    JLL anticipates a cumulative growth of 22% in rental prices from 2024-2028, with Central London surpassing this with a remarkable 29% cumulative increase.


    Cities such as Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield, and Hull are renowned as prime locations for buy-to-let investments.

    Savills forecasts a 21.5% price rise in the average UK property in the next five years, from £322,000 to £370,000.

    Certain UK locations are expected to see significant price growth of 19% to 24% by 2025.



    At Rothmore, our prime locations and trusted developer partnerships set us apart from other investment companies. We strategically choose properties in areas with proven investment potential, recognising the significance of location in investment success.

    • Manchester: Known for its strong economy and cultural significance, Manchester has consistently been ranked as a top contender for property investment due to its growing population and ongoing regeneration projects.
    • Birmingham: It is recognized as a Northern Powerhouse for property investment, offering solid fundamentals for continuous development and price appreciation.
    • Leeds: A rapidly expanding city, offers enticing prospects for property investment, showcasing its potential for ongoing growth and value appreciation.
    • Liverpool: Witnessing strong demand for housing, Liverpool has become a prime destination for property investment, driven by factors such as population growth and ongoing regeneration projects.
    • Nottingham: This city has shown upward trends signaling potential for property investment, making it an appealing option for investors.
    • London: While London remains the UK’s most prestigious market, other cities are gaining attention due to their lower cost of entry and potential for growth.


    These areas have the potential to generate significant rental yields and capital growth, making them attractive for property investment in the UK.



    The UK buy to let market is experiencing positive growth with 52% of residential landlords expanding their property portfolios in the past year a recent report from The Mortgage Lender gathered. Increased tenant demand and available capital have been the main drivers for portfolio expansion. Additionally, landlords are diversifying their portfolios across different property types and regions in the UK. While some landlords have been selling properties, the overall outlook remains optimistic with 74% expressing confidence in the residential property market for the next 12 months.

    In summary, the UK buy to let market is seeing growth as landlords continue to add properties to their portfolios driven by factors such as tenant demand and available capital. Diversification and confidence in the market are also contributing to the positive outlook for the future.

    Looking ahead to the next 12 months, over half of BTL landlords plan to expand. 26% aim to add a single property, while another 26% plan to add multiple properties. Thinking of adding a property to your portfolio? Rothmore Property is here to help you every step of the way.



    The UK rental demand is surging due to the persistent gap between tenant demand and property supply. Tenant numbers consistently exceed the availability of rental homes, and this trend is expected to continue. Landlords are experiencing unprecedented demand for their properties as soon as they list them. According to a recent survey by The Mortgage Lender, 31% of buy-to-let landlords plan to expand their property portfolios in the next 12 months. Additionally, 74% of landlords express confidence in the UK housing market for the upcoming year, with a quarter having available capital to invest in more property.

    Tenant demand varies by location and property type, emphasizing the need for diversification. Landlords are now expanding their portfolios across different property types and UK regions. The north west, Yorkshire and the Humber, the north east, and the West Midlands are identified as hotspots for property investment due to their below-average house prices and high rental yields. New-build properties are also gaining popularity for their future-proofing and lower energy bills.

    Overall, the current rental demand in the UK presents a positive outlook for landlords, with opportunities to grow portfolios and favorable market conditions.


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