Regenerating Pomona Island: The Masterplan

Nov 16, 2023

Welcome to Manchester, a city currently experiencing a real estate development boom! Peel L&P leads the way with their £1 billion Pomona Island regeneration plan. This ambitious project aims to transform underdeveloped land into a vibrant mixed-use development. Spanning 25 acres, the plan will feature residential, office, leisure, and retail spaces. Furthermore, the plan will connect Manchester City Centre to Salford Quays through 14 new buildings, creating excitement among property investors and first-time buyers. So, come and join us as we explore the Pomona Island regeneration plan and discover the exciting opportunities it brings to Manchester.

Key Takeaways:

  • Peel L&P’s £1 billion Pomona Island regeneration plan is a cornerstone of Manchester’s property development boom, enhancing the city’s landscape.
  • Spanning 25 acres, this mixed-use development offers residential, office, leisure, and retail spaces, catering to diverse needs.
  • The project links Manchester City Centre and Salford Quays, attracting property investors and first-time buyers.
  • With 14 new buildings, the Pomona Island regeneration project is a significant investment opportunity and a dynamic addition to Manchester.


Delving into the £1 Billion Regeneration Scheme

The plan for Pomona Island aims to create a lively and sustainable community. Firstly, the development will include around 2,700 homes, consisting of a mix of flats and houses. Additionally, the plan includes the creation of a new public park, named Central Park, which will be one of the largest parks in the area. Moreover, recreational areas and shops will surround the park, forming a vibrant hub for the new community.

Furthermore, the plan also includes ideas for a major expansion, resulting in one million square feet of new office space. This expansion would provide job opportunities within Pomona Island and further strengthen the economy of Manchester City Centre.

The Potential Economic Impact of the Pomona Island Regeneration

Pomona Island, a landmark development in Manchester, will connect the city to Salford Quays through a footbridge and water taxis. Additionally, the proposed footbridge will link adjacent sides of the Manchester Ship Canal, while the water taxis will offer residents and visitors a unique mode of transport. The development will also feature a 135-bed hotel, top-notch sports facilities, play areas, and leisure spaces.

Furthermore, Pomona Island will buzz with life, boasting cafes, restaurants, and bars. Peel Holdings, one of the biggest developers and landowners in the northwest, is developing the Pomona Island regeneration masterplan. Moreover, the development forms a part of Peel Holdings’ Manchester Waters project, which stands as one of the largest regeneration projects in the Northwest. The completed development is expected to create 3,000 new jobs, providing significant economic opportunities for the local community.

Introducing Berkeley Square: A Premier Addition to Pomona Island Regeneration

Berkeley Square, a stunning waterfront development, forms part of the Pomona Island regeneration in Trafford. It offers convenience and access to a vibrant lifestyle, situated in an excellent location. Moreover, Berkeley Square features two residential buildings and a beautifully landscaped square, designed specifically to promote well-being and enrich the living experience. As a result, investors, families, and first-time home buyers will discover Berkeley Square as a safe and lively community, making it their perfect choice.

pamona island regeneration manchester

Highlighting the Features of Berkeley Square: A Luxurious Addition to Manchester’s Skyline

Berkeley Square, a luxury development, occupies a 2.8-acre site next to a river and features an impressive 500 apartments in Manchester’s cityscape. Situated conveniently between Manchester City Centre and MediaCityUK/Salford Quays, this resort-style development resides in an area poised for substantial regeneration, with an anticipated value of billions of pounds over the next ten years. Don’t miss out on this unmissable investment opportunity.

Highlights of Berkeley Square development in Manchester:

  • Luxury development with 500 apartments
  • Resort-style development on a 2.8-acre site by the river
  • Great location opposite Pamona Islands, between Manchester City Centre and MediaCityUK/Salford Quays
  • Surrounding area undergoing significant regeneration over the next decade
  • Spacious piazza, private courtyard, and beautiful gardens
  • Most apartments have private terraces and outdoor space
  • Hotel-style concierge service, well-equipped gym, and shared workspaces
  • Rooftop gardens offer a relaxing space with stunning city views
  • Completion scheduled for Q2 2026

Berkeley Square is more than just a place to live; it offers a rich and vibrant lifestyle. It embodies a vision of community, connectivity, luxury, and comfort. Experience a new era of urban living with Berkeley Square leading the way.

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pamona island regeneration manchester

In conclusion, the Pomona Island regeneration project will create a vibrant and thriving community in Manchester. Additionally, it aims to establish a sustainable living environment where residents can not only reside but also work and indulge in leisure activities. The project includes plans for residential, office, leisure, and retail spaces. Moreover, it encompasses the development of one of the largest public parks in the region, a footbridge, water taxis, state-of-the-art sports facilities, and numerous other amenities. Spearheaded by Peel Holdings, the Pomona Island regeneration project is poised to be one of the most significant revitalization initiatives in the Northwest.


What is the Pomona Island Regeneration project?

Peel Holdings is leading the Pomona Island Regeneration, a significant urban redevelopment project in Manchester. The project includes a variety of facilities such as residential buildings, office spaces, leisure and retail spaces, a 135-bed hotel, and world-class sports facilities. The objective of the regeneration is to create a sustainable and vibrant community in Manchester, fostering a sense of vitality and growth.

What is Berkeley Square and how is it linked to the Pomona Island Regeneration?

Berkeley Square, a luxury waterfront development, plays a vital role in the Pomona Island regeneration. Additionally, it features 500 luxurious apartments, strategically situated between Manchester City Centre and MediaCityUK. Moreover, it showcases a beautifully landscaped piazza, private courtyard, and gardens. Furthermore, most apartments are equipped with private terraces and outdoor space, ensuring a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living.

Why is Berkeley Square considered a good investment opportunity?

Berkeley Square is situated in a prime area, strategically nestled between Manchester City Centre and MediaCityUK/Salford Quays. Over the next decade, this location will undergo extensive regeneration, presenting an excellent investment opportunity for potential investors. Moreover, the development boasts high-quality amenities. These include a well-equipped gymnasium, co-working spaces, hotel-style concierge service, and rooftop gardens that offer breathtaking city views. With these exceptional features, residents can truly enjoy a vibrant and luxurious lifestyle.

How does Rothmore Property help with property investment?

At Rothmore Property, we assist clients in discovering exceptional investment opportunities that align with their specific requirements. Moreover, we meticulously curate off-plan properties in prime locations, such as the Pomona Island regeneration project. Our team of experts conducts comprehensive due diligence on each project, providing clients with confidence in their investments. Furthermore, we offer properties with significant potential for capital growth and high rental yields.

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