Celebrating 5 Years of Rothmore Property

Founded in April 2019, Rothmore Property quickly made its mark in the vibrant Manchester property market. As we celebrate our fifth anniversary, we look back on a journey of dedication, integrity, and quality that positioned us as a leader in the property sector....

celebrating 5 years of rothmore property

UK House Prices Fall for Sixth Month Running

The UK property market, including property investment, has seen a decline in house prices in recent months due to rising interest and the cost of living crisis. This has impacted people's spending power significantly. However, some experts predict that the market...

Manchester: A Lucrative Opportunity for Buy-to-Let Investors

Welcome, UK investors, to one of the UK's key cities burgeoning with potential: Manchester, a hotspot for property investment offering lucrative opportunities. This blog post is your guide to investing in Manchester property, specifically focusing on the growing...

Orange sunrise at Salford Quays with blue sky and clear reflection

Why Manchester Trumps London in Property Investment

Capitalising on the 'Capital of the North' In the world of property investment, making the right call can make all the difference. As the UK property market undergoes a transformation, London's once shining star has lost its gleam, with soaring prices and shrinking...

View of the Lowry theater in Manchester during sunset, England

Uncovering the Magic of the Enterprise City District

Enterprise City District: Manchester's Game-Changer for Innovation and Progress. Manchester has always strived to lead in innovation and progress. Now, with the creation of the Enterprise City District, its reputation is set to skyrocket. Moreover, the Enterprise...

How exchange rates can benefit international buyers ?

Its no secret that the the British Pound has had a turbulent past few years, after the EU referendum back in the summer of 2016 the Pound has fallen as much as 25% against a basket of other major currencies.
What does this mean for international buyers?
Well the short answer is simple, if you purchased a UK property in June of this year, you would have payed a staggering 20% less than you would have done before the referendum.