Victoria North: Manchester’s Largest Urban Regeneration Project

May 17, 2024

Manchester, known for its rich industrial heritage and vibrant cultural scene, is transforming on an unprecedented scale. Moreover, the Victoria North project, formerly Manchester’s Northern Gateway, represents the city’s most ambitious urban renewal initiative. Leading this transformation is Victoria Riverside, the first phase of this extensive project. Let’s explore what Victoria North regeneration entails and how it promises to reshape Manchester’s landscape.

Key Takeaways:

  • Revitalising Urban Spaces: Victoria North aims to breathe new life into Manchester’s urban environment, turning underutilised areas into vibrant communities with modern amenities and green spaces.
  • Sustainable Development: The project emphasises sustainability, incorporating eco-friendly designs and renewable energy sources to promote a greener future for Manchester.
  • Economic Boost: By attracting new businesses and residents, Victoria North regeneration is set to significantly contribute to the local economy, creating job opportunities and stimulating economic growth.
  • Enhanced Connectivity: Improved transportation links and infrastructure developments will ensure that Victoria North regeneration is well-integrated with the rest of the city, making it easier for residents to commute and explore.

What is Victoria North?

FEC and Manchester City Council are jointly developing Victoria North to address the city’s housing shortfall and enhance urban living. Specifically, this project spans over 155 hectares and aims to create seven distinct neighborhoods, each contributing to a cohesive and vibrant community. Moreover, over the next 20 years, Victoria North regeneration will provide 15,000 new homes, thus transforming Manchester’s cityscape and accommodating its growing population.

Key Features of Victoria North

Extensive Housing Development

  • 15,000 New Homes: The project will build over 15,000 homes, offering various housing options for different needs.
  • 500 Homes Per Year: The project aims to complete 500 homes annually, ensuring a steady new housing supply.

Significant Investment

  • £4 Billion Gross Development Value (GDV): This investment highlights the project’s scale and ambition.
  • £51.6 Million for Phase One: The initial phase focuses on City River Park and foundational elements.

City River Park

  • 46 Hectares of Parkland: Victoria North’s City River Park will be one of Manchester’s largest city centre green spaces.
  • Recreational Corridor: The park will feature diverse areas, including parks and smaller spaces, promoting active lifestyles and well-being.
  • Climate Positive Design: The park will enhance habitats, aiming for carbon neutrality and sustainability.
  • Connectivity and Accessibility: Quality pedestrian and cycle pathways will ensure seamless movement through lush green spaces.

New Community Facilities

  • Schools and Healthcare Facilities: The development includes new schools and healthcare facilities, ensuring the community’s educational and health needs are met.
  • Improved Transport Links: Enhanced transport infrastructure will connect the neighbourhoods, improving accessibility and reducing travel times.

Residential Developments in Victoria North

Rothmore Property offers several exciting residential opportunities within the Victoria North regeneration, including:

  • Red Bank – Falcon: Red Bank Riverside offers a fresh green view of urban living. Just minutes from Central Manchester, it combines vibrant city energy with the serene River Irk and the new City River Park.
  • Crown View: At 37 storeys, Crown View is the tallest of the three towers in Victoria Riverside, offering stunning city skyline views.
  • Meadowside: Meadowside is near one of the largest green spaces in Manchester city centre, making it appealing for investors and residents.
  • New Cross Central: Named for its location in the evolving New Cross, the scheme focuses on community with a lush central courtyard.

A Vision for the Future

Victoria North is building not just new homes but also a sustainable, connected, and vibrant community. By integrating green spaces, enhancing transport links, and providing essential community facilities, this project aims to improve the quality of life for Manchester’s residents. Consequently, with a planned community of over 40,000 people, Victoria North regeneration will become a dynamic urban hub, reflecting Manchester’s growth and evolution.

As construction progresses, Victoria North promises to be a beacon of modern urban development, thereby setting new standards for city living in the UK. Whether you’re investing in property or finding a new place to call home, the developments within Victoria North offer a glimpse into the future of Manchester.

For more information on purchasing properties in Victoria North, visit Rothmore Property and explore the available options in Red Bank – Falcon, Crown View, Meadowside, and New Cross Central. Embrace the opportunity to join Manchester’s most significant urban regeneration project and experience the transformation first-hand.


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