Transformative Opportunities at Regent Road Regeneration

Jul 21, 2023

Regent Road Regeneration: Discover Riverside Retail Park, Regent Retail Park, and Trinity Island.

If you’re searching for the next big investment chance, it’s important to look for areas that show growth potential. Regent Road is one such area in northwest England that offers exciting regeneration projects and promising investment opportunities. With its excellent location and fantastic transportation links, Regent Road presents a bright future for the property market. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the regeneration projects that are transforming the Regent Road region and what this means for property investors.

Trinity Island

Renaker, a well-known property developer, has proposed an impressive £741 million project for Trinity Islands in Manchester. This ambitious project, designed by renowned architectural firm SimpsonHaugh, aims to transform the city’s skyline with its striking design and exceptional features.

The development consists of four towers, ranging from 39 to 60 storeys, and will offer almost 2,000 homes. Situated on the banks of the beautiful River Irwell, Trinity Islands enjoys a prime location with easy access to surrounding green spaces and the city’s bustling amenities.

Trinity Islands and Vista River Gardens: Redefining Urban Living in Manchester

The architects at SimpsonHaugh have carefully designed Trinity Islands to create a new landmark in Manchester (Vista River Gardens). The towers will reach impressive heights, providing residents with breathtaking views of the river and the cityscape. The construction style of this development is innovative, showcasing the latest in architectural techniques and materials.

Renaker’s involvement in Trinity Islands and Vista River Gardens demonstrates their dedication to creating exceptional living spaces. This new development promises to enhance the city’s skyline and provide a vibrant community for residents.

Vista River Gardens offers a variety of apartment types, including luxurious penthouses for those seeking an elevated living experience. The development boasts a range of amenities, including access to the public realm, ensuring a vibrant and connected community environment.

Trinity Islands is set to become a new landmark in Manchester, offering a unique riverside living experience that combines stunning views, exceptional design, and convenient access to the city’s amenities. With Renaker and SimpsonHaugh leading the way, this development is sure to capture the attention of those looking for a sophisticated and vibrant place to call home.

Keep an eye on Trinity Islands and Vista River Gardens as the project takes shape and prepares to redefine urban living in Manchester. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this exciting development that will undoubtedly become an iconic addition to the city’s skyline.


Plot D will feature the 60-storey tower. Credit: via planning documents

Regent Retail Park

Introducing the Regent Retail Park rejuvenation project in Salford – an exciting initiative that will transform this city neighborhood into a thriving and lively community. Moreover, get ready to witness the start of a new era as this development brings life to the once-unused space.

Imagine waking up to the beautiful views of the city skyline from your modern apartment in one of the stylish blocks within the Regent Retail Park. Not only that, but with modern design and top-notch facilities, these apartments offer the perfect mix of comfort and luxury. Whether you’re a young professional or a growing family, this development meets all your needs, providing a peaceful retreat amidst the busy city life.

But it doesn’t stop there. The highlight of this regeneration project is the stunning five-acre park. Here, green spaces and peaceful paths invite you to explore and relax. Picture yourself walking through beautifully designed gardens, enjoying picnics with loved ones, or taking part in outdoor activities with neighbors. In addition, this park will be the heart of the community, fostering a sense of connection and creating opportunities for social interaction.

Regent Retail Park Regeneration Project: Embrace the Future of Urban Living

Location is everything, and the Regent Retail Park regeneration project offers the epitome of convenience. Situated just moments away from the city center, residents will have easy access to an array of amenities, including shops, restaurants, and cultural hotspots. Commuting becomes a breeze with excellent transport links nearby, allowing you to effortlessly navigate the city and beyond.

The excitement surrounding this transformation is palpable. The Regent Retail Park regeneration project presents an unparalleled opportunity to be part of a revitalized neighborhood, where community spirit thrives and possibilities are boundless. Imagine the satisfaction of being part of something bigger, contributing to the creation of a vibrant and livable community.

Don’t miss out on this chance to embrace the future of urban living. Be one of the first to experience the wonders of the Regent Retail Park regeneration project in Salford. Your new chapter starts here, amidst a world of possibilities.

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(Images: Henley Investment Management)

Riverside Retail Park

Im Holdings, a company based in the UAE, has submitted plans to demolish the existing buildings at Riverside Retail Park in Ordsall for redevelopment. Firstly, the goal of this project is to create an exciting and transformative development in the area.

According to the search results, the proposed demolition includes well-known places like McDonald’s, KFC, and a casino. Consequently, this step will make way for the new development, which aims to bring a fresh and modern vibe to the area. Moreover, the developer involved in this project is Forshaw Land and Property Group. With their expertise and experience, they plan to create a development of significant size and scale. Additionally, the new development will have a mix of shops and offices, providing opportunities for businesses to succeed.

Furthermore, in addition to the shops and offices, the redevelopment plans may include public facilities that will enhance the community’s experience. Although specific details about these facilities were not mentioned in the search results, it can be expected that the developers will focus on creating spaces that meet the needs and desires of the local residents.

Exciting Redevelopment Project to Boost Local Economy in Ordsall

This project holds tremendous potential to boost the local economy. Moreover, it has the ability to attract new businesses and investment, thereby contributing to growth and prosperity. Additionally, it will generate job opportunities for Ordsall residents, thereby further fortifying the economy. Overall, Imco Holdings’ plans to redevelop Riverside Retail Park in Ordsall, developed by Forshaw Land and Property, aim to bring about positive changes to the area. The demolition of existing buildings offers a fresh start, along with new retail and commercial spaces, potential public amenities, and economic benefits for the local community.


Regent Road’s renovation projects are transforming this area, providing an excellent investment opportunity for property investors. Moreover, the mentioned renovation projects are just a few examples that are bringing a new and improved lifestyle to the city. It is crucial to safeguard your investments by analyzing these projects and assessing how they will impact your investments. Furthermore, the appeal for investors extends beyond today’s market, and the future prospects of Regent Road’s property market appear extremely promising. Therefore, it is advisable to act swiftly to seize a financially rewarding and prosperous future by investing in the redesigned Regent Road.

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