Salboy Reaches New Heights with Two Developments

Oct 30, 2023

Salboy, one of the leading property developers in Manchester, offers exciting opportunities for off-plan property investment in the Manchester property market. They have recently achieved a remarkable milestone in their development projects. Their flagship mixed-use scheme, Viadux, and their Ancoats-based development, Victoria House, have both reached their highest points, fondly known as “topping out” in the construction industry.

So, What is Topping Out?

“Topping out” signifies the completion of the main structural work of a building, although the interior elements and details may still be in progress. It’s an important occasion that often involves a small ceremony to appreciate the efforts of everyone involved and mark a significant step towards the project’s completion. Let’s delve into these two exciting projects and explore what they have to offer.

Diving Into the Details: The Viadux Project

Viadux, a modern and luxurious tower developed by Salboy Group, has officially reached its highest point. Designed by SimpsonHaugh, this 40-storey building is scheduled for completion in the second quarter of next year. Situated on the former Bauer Millet site off Albion Street, near Deansgate Tram Stop, Viadux will provide 385 apartments and penthouses with one and two bedrooms. Residents will enjoy a range of amenities, including terrace gardens, a private lounge, a cinema, and a gym. This development marks the initial phase of the £300m Viadux scheme, which also encompasses a separate 15-storey block.

Unveiling Victoria House: A New Benchmark in Ancoats Living

Victoria House, a 25-storey tower developed in partnership with Forshaw Group, is an impressive addition to Salboy Group’s portfolio. Situated in the vibrant inner-city neighbourhood of Piccadilly Central in Manchester, Victoria House is set to introduce 177 new homes to the area. This remarkable development combines a community park, co-working spaces, residents’ lounges, and gyms, providing a modern and contemporary lifestyle for young professionals seeking to establish their careers in Manchester. With its array of amenities designed to cater to residents’ needs, Victoria House offers a unique opportunity to embrace a convenient and enriching living experience.

Rothmore Property: Partnering with the best of the best, because you deserve nothing but excellence.

Learn how we can assist you in achieving your property goals with our expert guidance and unparalleled service. At Rothmore Property, we prioritise the security of your investments. That’s why we collaborate with top developers like Salboy, renowned for their commitment to quality and innovation. Salboy’s projects, including Viadux and Victoria House, offer contemporary solutions for urban living, aligning with the growing trend in the property development sector.

These towers present a sound buy-to-let investment opportunity and are excellent choices for first-time buyers. Moreover, Salboy’s emphasis on sustainable living ensures energy-efficient designs and minimal carbon footprints. By partnering with property developers like Salboy, we bring exceptional value to our customers and make property investment a preferred choice for many.

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“Carmen Ching, head of sales at Salboy, stated, ‘Salboy and DOMIS have a proven track record of delivering high-quality residential projects in Manchester, which has garnered significant popularity among buyers. It’s fantastic to witness both Viadux and Victoria House progressing towards completion in 2024.'”

The Promise of Manchester’s Property Market

Manchester is a dynamic city with a rapidly expanding population and a thriving property market. This unique blend of factors offers unparalleled opportunities for investors looking for growth and profit. Whether you’re a local or foreign investor, investing in Manchester property can offer significant returns on investment.

Manchester’s property market boasts great potential for growth and profit. With average property prices on the rise, proactive investors have the opportunity to achieve considerable capital growth. The city’s property values are also escalating rapidly, making it an ideal time to invest. This rise in property values, coupled with Manchester’s emerging economy, is a testament to the city’s potential.

With Salboy’s innovative projects such as Viadux and Victoria House, investors can access high-quality, sustainable investments. By capitalising on these opportunities now, investors can confidently anticipate substantial returns in the future. There’s no better time than now to explore the promising property market of Manchester.

Benefits of Investing in Off-Plan Property

Investing in off-plan property presents a unique opportunity to buy property at a lower than market rate, often in high-demand areas. Developers offer appealing prices at early stages of the project to secure the necessary funding and reduce risks. It allows investors to make a smaller initial investment and potentially reap a significant return once the project is completed. Furthermore, off-plan properties give investors the freedom to choose premium units with the best views or most desirable layouts, providing an additional edge in the resale or rental market. Lastly, new-build properties typically come with developer warranties, ensuring any post-completion defects are addressed, offering an extra layer of security for your investment.

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In conclusion, Salboy’s continuous dedication to raising the bar in Manchester’s property development sector is evident through the successful topping out of Viadux and Victoria House. With their commitment to high-quality living solutions and innovative designs, these two towers offer a perfect blend of community living, modern amenities, and upscale lifestyle options. Whether you’re a buyer or an investor, considering Salboy’s Viadux and Victoria House will provide you with a luxurious and contemporary living experience in the heart of Manchester. Don’t miss out on these exceptional opportunities, get in touch with Rothmore Property today!





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