Rothmore Property’s Nominations for 2024 Awards

May 7, 2024

The year 2024 is already shaping up to be exciting for Rothmore Property. We are excited to announce to our community that several respected awards have nominated us. This showcases our commitment to excellence, innovation, and service in the competitive property industry. The recognition we are receiving is a testament to our team’s relentless work and dedication to uphold Rothmore Property’s values and standards.

Our Nominations

For us, recognition goes beyond mere trophies; it symbolises the trust and respect we’ve earned from our community of clients and industry peers. Each nomination acknowledges the consistency and quality ingrained in the Rothmore experience. Let’s take a closer look at each nomination and its significance.

Team of the Year 2024

Our sales team’s nomination for the Team of the Year 2024 award is a significant milestone that acknowledges the synergy and collective effort within our sales department. Furthermore, it’s a celebration of the numerous successful deals, happy homeowners, and property investors whose dreams have been realized through the unwavering dedication of our team.

  Multi-Award Winning Property Company

Leader of the Year 2024

Maxwell Scully, Managing Director and Co-Founder, earned a Leader of the Year 2024 nomination from Industry Eagles. This nomination is a testament to the management’s inspirational and strategic leadership at Rothmore Property. Their leadership style, characterised by a blend of foresight, empathy, and innovation. Earning them unwavering trust of our team. This nomination honors their key role and the impactful leadership that has defined Rothmore Property’s ethos and success.

Multi-Award Winning Property Company

Best Place to Work 2024

The nomination for Best Place to Work 2024 by Industry Eagles is a clear reflection of our approach to business. Firstly, at Rothmore, we firmly believe that our team members are our most vital asset. Furthermore, a nurturing work environment is the bedrock of a thriving real estate business. Consequently, this nomination is dedicated to every supportive manager, each team member, and every shared laugh in the communal spaces. All of these elements contribute significantly to Rothmore being more than just an office, but a place to thrive.

Multi-Award Winning Property Company

Young Property Personality of the Year 2024

Maxwell’s nomination for the 2024 Young Property Personality of the Year award by Property Week showcases his dynamic resilience and innovation in the property sector. His unique combination of experience and new perspectives has significantly contributed to Rothmore’s expansion.

Multi-Award Winning Property Company, 2024 award nominations, award winner

Celebrating Our Achievements: Awards Won in 2024

Property Investment Managing Director of the Year 2024

Maxwell’s outstanding leadership has led to Rothmore’s nomination for the Property Investment Managing Director of the Year 2024 award by SME News. This recognition underscores our position as a leading force in property investment, marked by consistent results and innovative approaches. Maxwell’s win in this category further validates his exceptional contributions to our success.

Multi-Award Winning Property Company

Best Luxury Real Estate Investment Consultancy in North West England 2024

Rothmore Property has won the Best Luxury Real Estate Investment Consultancy in North West England at the Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2024. Firstly, this prestigious recognition sets a high standard for service and innovation in the property sector. Moreover, it reflects our commitment to providing top-notch investment opportunities. Consequently, this victory showcases the expertise, dedication, and innovative strategies of our team in exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Rothmore Property Congratulatory Letter

What Nominations Mean for Our Community

To our valued clients, these nominations underscore our commitment to being a team you can trust, a leader you can believe in, and a community you can be part of. Stay tuned as we gear up for an exciting year of celebrations, growth, and, hopefully, victories that we’ll be privileged to share with you. Together, we look forward to more outstanding milestones and a future bright with possibilities. Thank you once again for being an integral part of the Rothmore story.


What does being nominated for these awards mean for Rothmore Property?

Being nominated for these distinguished awards signifies recognition of our commitment to excellence in the property sector. It highlights our team’s exceptional effort, leadership quality, innovative practices, and our contributions to the real estate industry.

How can clients benefit from Rothmore’s nominations and awards?

Our clients benefit directly from our recognised service excellence and industry-leading practices. These accolades reassure clients of our expertise, reliability, and commitment to securing their interests, enhancing their confidence in our ability to provide top-tier real estate solutions.

How can I keep updated on the outcome of the awards?

To stay updated on the awards and other Rothmore Property news, please follow us on our social media platforms, sign up for our newsletter through our website, and regularly check our blog for announcements. We’re excited to share our journey and achievements with our valued community.


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