Manchester’s Regeneration: Golden Time for Property Investors

Sep 13, 2023

Manchester’s ongoing regeneration presents a lucrative opportunity for property investors. The city centre is undergoing a complete redevelopment, transforming its landscape and potentially completely transforming the city. With a population of over half a million and growing, it is one of the largest cities in the country. Furthermore, its position in the North West, a region experiencing significant investment and growth, amplifies its appeal to property investors. In the following sections, we will delve into the facets of this transformation, its implications, and the potential it holds for those interested in investing in Manchester’s property market.

Embracing Manchester’s Urban Renaissance

Manchester, a city rich in industrial history, is currently undergoing a remarkable transformation. City planners have devised a comprehensive Manchester regeneration strategy that revitalises the city centre, breathing new life into its urban landscapes and neighborhoods. This surge of regeneration is reshaping the skyline and attracting global property investors. Additionally, new projects in the city centre offer investment opportunities in various sectors, including residential, commercial, and retail. Urban renewal initiatives are creating new facilities that enhance the environment, while a focus on sustainable growth ensures long-term economic stability.

Recounting the Historical Context

Once the epicentre of the world’s textile industry, Manchester’s fortunes declined in the post-industrial period. Urban decay followed industrial decline, leaving many neglected parts of the city. However, the city centre refused to be defined by its past. In recent decades, Manchester has embraced regeneration, turning challenges into opportunities for reinvention. Today, its economy has shifted from industry to services, supported by Manchester’s commitment to urban regeneration projects that bring people together and encourage investment in infrastructure and housing. The resulting improvements have made Manchester an attractive destination for high-quality living and working spaces.

Engineers planning buildings

Investing in the Future of Manchester


Manchester is now an attractive proposition for property investors, with a range of investment opportunities in new buildings, including retail and office spaces opening monthly. The city’s ongoing regenerative transformation makes it the perfect time to invest in its redevelopment and capitalise on the growing opportunities.

Manchester’s successful urban regeneration efforts have stabilised the local economy and created a unique and vibrant hub within the city center. This urban renaissance has attracted investors keen on its growth potential over the past few decades.

With new developments unveiled daily, Manchester offers an exciting investment opportunity for both short-term and long-term investments. The city’s appeal to students, young professionals, and families is expected to drive rental demand and boost rental yields for landlords.

It’s no surprise that Manchester has become a popular destination for investors. Whether you’re seeking urban revival, green spaces, or long-term security, Manchester presents an exciting opportunity in the property market.

Manchester’s unprecedented regeneration and renaissance are attracting investors from around the world, capitalising on its long-term growth potential. With new opportunities and existing infrastructure developments, Manchester city is truly an investment opportunity not to be missed.

Manchester is not only a great place to invest but also a great place to live. Its vibrant atmosphere, bustling city center, thriving culture, and nightlife make it an ideal destination for a new home or a long-term investment.

Manchester’s Key Regeneration Projects


The vision for redevelopment has taken shape through several key Manchester regeneration projects. Enterprise City, a vibrant digital and creative hub, is one such example. Great Jackson Street, once an underutilised industrial area, is now being transformed into a dynamic residential district. Victoria North, another major undertaking, is set to become a thriving new neighbourhood with thousands of new homes. These transformative projects are making Manchester city centre an exciting place to live, work and invest.

Map of Victoria North in Manchester

Source – Far East Consortium

Spotlight on Key Development Areas


When discussing key development areas in and around Manchester, several locations warrant specific attention. These include Granada Studios, Angel Square, Salford Quays, and New Islington.

Granada Studios

Granada Studios is a notable landmark in the city, part of the Enterprise City regeneration project. Formerly a renowned television studio, this site is being transformed into a thriving creative hub with modern offices and entertainment spaces. The redevelopment is set to bolster Manchester’s reputation as a hot spot for the creative and digital industries.

In total, the comprehensive redevelopment proposals for the area will encompass 100,000 sq ft of hotel space, 75,000 sq ft of studio and events space, 27,200 sq ft of office space, 26,000 sq ft of residential space, 14,000 sq ft of modular office space, 13,900 sq ft of restaurant space, and 8,000 sq ft of retail space.

Angel Square

Angel Square is another significant development in the city of Manchester regeneration projects. It is a LEED Gold Certified building and one of the most sustainable large buildings in Europe. It’s the home to the Co-operative Group and forms the centrepiece of the wider NOMA regeneration district, a mixed-use location offering retail, office, and leisure facilities.

One of the most ambitious development projects in Manchester has been the NOMA project. Spanning 20 acres, NOMA is envisaged to be a neighbourhood that combines heritage buildings with new, energy-efficient ones to create a unique living, working and social environment. With a mix of residential, commercial and public spaces, this development is set to redefine Manchester’s cityscape.

Transitioning to the waterfront, Salford Quays is an urban regeneration success story. Once one of the busiest docks in the UK, the area is now a bustling business and leisure hub that houses major businesses, including the BBC and ITV. Its mix of modern architecture, cultural attractions, and dining options make it a popular destination for tourists and locals alike.

New Islington, a formerly one of the neglected parts of Manchester, is a noteworthy regeneration project. This evolving neighbourhood has transformed from derelict land into a vibrant, culturally rich district. With innovative architecture, uniquely designed residential areas, a marina, canal side walks, independent businesses, and green spaces, New Islington is a testament to Manchester’s urban renaissance. It offers promising prospects for investors in the property market.

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Map of Manchester City Center regeneration

Source – Manchester City Council, St Johns Strategic Framework

The Lure for Investors


Manchester’s regeneration has made it an attractive destination for property investors. The city’s robust job growth, world-class education institutions and rich cultural amenities are key drivers of this appeal. Manchester’s status as a thriving tech hub and its strong transport links are also significant factors.

The Manchester City Council has played a pivotal role in the city’s regeneration, fostering an environment conducive for investment and development. They have successfully championed numerous urban renewal projects, transforming the cityscape and bolstering Manchester’s appeal to property investors.

Moreover, the city’s population is ever growing and a testament to its allure. Manchester is witnessing an growing population of students, young professionals, and families who are drawn to the vibrant lifestyle it offers. This growing demand, coupled with a finite housing supply, is having a significant impact on house prices.

House prices in Manchester city are on a steady uptick, making it a lucrative market for investors aiming for long-term capital gains. The rise in house prices mirrors the city’s evolution, with each regeneration project adding value to the surrounding areas. These factors combined form a compelling narrative that underscores Manchester’s potential as a coveted investment destination.

Business meeting of architects and investors looking at model of residential

The Upswing of Property Values


Regeneration has already yielded results, with property values rising in parts of Manchester. For example, Great Jackson Street has seen a significant increase since redevelopment started. This trend offers potential for high returns on investment in regenerated neighborhoods.

Manchester is a booming property market, driven by increased property rent. The city’s vibrant lifestyle, rich culture, and job opportunities contribute to its appeal for investors seeking steady income. Rental yield in Manchester consistently outperforms the national average.

Rising rents are closely tied to the ongoing regeneration work across the city. Manchester’s cityscape is constantly evolving with new buildings and residential developments. These improvements extend beyond the city centre, enhancing the overall living experience.

Regeneration efforts focus on revitalising underutilised spaces, from repurposing old industrial areas into stylish loft apartments to developing new residential areas. This diversity and innovation have led to higher property values and rental prices, solidifying Manchester’s reputation as an attractive investment destination.

Now is an opportune time for investors to capitalise on Manchester’s growth trajectory. With a strong economy, thriving rental market, and ongoing Manchester regeneration work, the city offers promising prospects for both investors and residents.

The Rental Market in Manchester


Manchester’s rental market is also experiencing a boom, driven by rising demand for properties in regenerated areas. Young professionals, drawn to the city’s job opportunities and vibrant lifestyle, are particularly eager to rent in these newly revitalised neighborhoods. This trend presents a lucrative opportunity for buy-to-let investors.

The development in Manchester’s rental market have been further bolstered by Manchester city council and their commitment to regeneration Manchester projects. This has resulted in an influx of high-quality residential properties, from newly built apartments to refurbished period homes. These modern properties are not only aesthetically pleasing but also offer tenants a safe and comfortable living environment.

The rise in property prices in Manchester isn’t an isolated phenomenon, but part of a broader trend seen across UK cities. Cities like Liverpool, Birmingham and Leeds are all witnessing similar patterns, further demonstrating the attraction of urban regeneration for investors. The incorporation of social housing in these projects is an important factor, ensuring these developments are accessible to all and contributing to the diversification of the housing market. This short-term growth in prices, coupled with long-term plans for social housing inclusion, strengthens the promise of these cities for investment.

Rental sales for blocks of flats

Unveiling Investment Opportunities


Manchester city centre is undergoing a vibrant regeneration, presenting a multitude of exciting investment opportunities. With upcoming developments like The Factory, a world-class cultural space, and new residential projects in Victoria North, the prospects for growth are highly promising. Moreover, the continuous investment in the city’s infrastructure has brought forth improved transport links and amenities, rendering Manchester even more appealing to potential investors. The launch of the new Metrolink network by Transport for Greater Manchester has revolutionised intra-city travel, while the introduction of bike-sharing schemes and electric vehicles has further enhanced accessibility and sustainability.

Light rail Metrolink tram in the city center of Manchester, UK.

The Future Outlook


The future of Manchester looks bright, with the potential for continued regeneration and growth. As the city continues to evolve and attract investment, the property market is expected to flourish further, presenting an exciting landscape for property investors.

One of the most anticipated happenings in Manchester is the commencement of its biggest development project to date in the north west. This monumental redevelopment venture is set to completely transform the existing landscape, enhancing the area’s appeal and further solidifying Manchester’s status as a beacon of urban renewal. The project’s scale and ambition are unmatched in the region, putting Manchester at the forefront of property investment opportunities. Indeed, the city of Manchester is leading the charge in the north west, setting a benchmark for all the cities in the region and playing a crucial role in shaping the future of urban development and redevelopment in the UK.

Economic Overview


In terms of regional economic performance in the UK, South East England, surrounding London, ranked as the second largest regional economy with a GDP of over £319 billion last year. Meanwhile, North West England, housing major cities like Manchester and Liverpool, had the third-highest GDP among UK regions, reaching approximately £207.7 billion. This substantial figure highlights the economic vitality of the North West region, further attracting both national and international investors.

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In conclusion, Manchester’s regeneration offers an enticing opportunity for property investors. The city’s transformation, supported by increasing property values and a thriving rental market, showcases the potential for profitable returns. As Manchester evolves, staying informed about ongoing regeneration and its impact on the property market is crucial. With Rothmore Property by your side, navigate this dynamic landscape with confidence and expertise.

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