How to Buy Off Plan and Avoid High-Interest Rates

Jul 3, 2023

When you purchase a property off-plan, you essentially commit to buying a property before it is fully constructed. The process starts with conducting thorough research about the developer and the project. Once you are convinced about the credibility of the developer and the project, you proceed to reserve a unit by paying a reservation fee. At this stage, the purchase price is typically set, which means that even if property prices rise during the construction period, you pay the price agreed at the start, potentially saving you money.

The next step involves signing a contract and paying a deposit, which often represents a percentage of the purchase price. You will need to pay the remainder of the payment upon completion. One key advantage here is that during the construction phase, you do not have to make mortgage payments. This can lead to significant savings, especially in a high-interest-rate environment. By the time you need to secure a mortgage (at completion), interest rates may have dropped, allowing you to lock in a lower rate for the duration of your mortgage term.

In summary, buying off-plan can potentially save you a considerable amount in interest payments and offer you the benefit of any capital appreciation during the build period.

Choosing a Reputable Developer for an Off-Plan Purchase: Factors to Consider

When choosing a reputable developer for an off-plan purchase, consider several factors. First and foremost, prioritize the developer’s track record. Look into their past projects, scrutinize the quality of the buildings, and pay attention to whether they completed the projects within the promised time frame.

Secondly, check the developer’s reputation in the market. Look for online reviews and testimonials, and consider reaching out to previous customers to hear about their experiences. This can provide valuable insights into the developer’s customer service and responsiveness to issues.

Lastly, understand the warranties and after-sales services offered by the developer. A reputable developer will stand behind their product and offer robust after-sales support.

Keep in mind that buying off-plan carries risks, but careful selection of a reputable developer can greatly mitigate them. By taking the time to research developers and the projects they’ve worked on, you can gain peace of mind, knowing that your property purchase is in good hands.

Making an Informed Decision: The Importance of Choosing the Right Developer for Off-Plan Purchases

The next section of your journey in buying off-plan is choosing the best developer and units, and that’s where Rothmore Property comes in. As a new build specialist, Rothmore Property holds a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field.

Our key strength lies in our detailed understanding of the industry, allowing us to identify the best developers and units that match your needs and budget. We maintain strong relationships with reputable developers, which gives us in-depth insights into their track record, project timelines, and the quality of their construction.

Moreover, we assist in reviewing the layouts and specifications of various off-plan units, to ensure that you invest in a property that meets your expectations and offers the best value for your money. Our comprehensive services also include reviewing warranties and after-sales services offered by developers, giving you peace of mind.

Choosing the right developer and unit is a critical step in your off-plan purchase journey. You can trust Rothmore Property to guide you through this process with our unrivalled expertise and commitment to your satisfaction.

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