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Welcome to Rothmore Property, one of the UK’s leading independent agencies for Buy to Let and Owner Occupier real estate.

Our national portfolio comprises of investment properties that we have cherry-picked after extensive analysis of the buy to let and owner occupier market, ensuring that the property investment opportunities we offer our clients bring both the top level of rental yields and capital appreciation. Our property investment consultants have a wealth of experience working with both national and international buyers. We believe that every investment property is different, we work tirelessly to ensure that we get to know every one of our client's needs and wants.

National Portfolio ...

Buy to let property investment

We work with national and global property investors, offering some of the very best investment property for sale in the UK, as well as consulting on their current buy to let portfolios and property investments. Whether you're a seasoned property investor or you're simply exploring buy to let investments for the first time, through your journey with us, our consultants will take every care to understand exactly what you need, hand picking the highest yielding property investment options across major UK cities.

Buy to live

With properties for sale across Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham, we also work closely with local and national owner occupiers, paying careful attention to all their wants and requirements in the pursuit of finding them their next dream home. From helping first time buyers get on the property ladder to finding new homes for current property owners, we have it all. Our apartments are available to purchase with buy to live opportunities across our portfolio. Get in touch today to discuss our current properties for sale that we have available to purchase.

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Investment Property & Buy to Live in Manchester

Manchester is a city that has experienced continued growth in the demand for new-build property over the past few years, as it struggles to keep up with the ample number of young professionals and businesses moving up to and expanding into the city. This is creating a hub of prosperity for property owners and investors, with the average yield in the primary Manchester postcodes sitting comfortably between 4% and 7.2% (M1 – M20) according to Property Data.

Regeneration of the cities lesser-known areas has also aided in the Manchester's recent growth trend. Many of the countries business giants have already made their mark, with the likes of Amazon, ITV and BBC already setting up shop in MediaCityUK, bringing with them thousands of rent paying and property buying, young professionals and families. Interestingly, property investors who bought in the area back in 2015 have seen their property values increase by up to 44% in some cases.

With an ever-growing population of young professionals and graduates choosing to relocate to Manchester, it has never been a better time to invest in a buy to let property or to purchase a home of your own in Manchester.

Investment Property & Buy to Live in Liverpool

The Liverpool property investment market and home buying opportunities are as strong as ever. Liverpool is a city known all over the world for impact on music and football.

In more recent years Liverpool’s economy has grown from strength to strength. The cities many shops, restaurants, nightlife and its coastal location offers residents lifestyle benefits that other similar sized cities simply can’t accommodate. This has caused a steady uplift in the demand for city centre property as population continues to rise and disposable income for the city’s residents increases.

Zoopla’s house price index, released in January 2021 stated that Liverpool has seen average property prices in the city increase 6.3% during the prior 12 months from January this year, climbing the most out of any major UK city.

Investment Property & Buy to Live in Birmingham

The UK’s second largest city, Birmingham is home to over 1 million people. This diverse city is an economic powerhouse with huge employment opportunities over a vast number of sectors from technology, engineering and manufacturing.

Birmingham has been going through one of the largest regeneration projects in UK history. It has attracted billions of pounds in spending on infrastructure and developments with its Big City Plan. The new approach to the city’s direction has seen projects like the Smithfield Masterplan being constructed in central city locations providing additional prime real estate to the tune of 51,000 new homes. The regeneration of the more up and coming areas of the city will provide a huge boast to the local economy and support house prices as the city becomes a more up to date and trendy place to live and work.

In fact, Zoopla’s House Price Index indicates that Birmingham’s average property price increased 4.3% over the past 12 months.

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