Is Liverpool just a successful footballing city or much more?

Jun 12, 2019

That said, Liverpool has also been the underdog in the property market for many years. Overshadowed by its larger counterparts, London and more recently Manchester, but just as in football they have to take on style to compete! Liverpool is now known as one of the hottest property markets to invest in right now and here’s why… £14 billion worth of investment is being channeled into the city and it has been voted by Which Money as the best ‘buy to let’ city in 2018.

Take this underdog for granted at your peril!


We at Rothmore Property have done no such thing, in fact, quite the opposite. We have pinpointed two city centre developments, which we believe really offers all that Liverpool has to give. The first is Fabric Village located in the Knowledge Quarter. This is a keenly priced, high quality development situated in a £2.2 billion regeneration zone. The next is Park Central, located in L1, right on the docklands, in the heart of the £5.5 billion Liverpool Waters regeneration project. ”

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How is Brexit affecting the UK property market?

It goes without saying that Brexit has caused a large amount of concern for many of our investors. Rothmore Property have the statistics of supply and demand, so if we take a step back and look at the past 3 years, when the nation voted to leave, we concur that house prices in the north of England have gone from strength to strength. The investors who purchased in the North of England, during this uncertainty, would by now have reaped the rewards.


How exchange rates can benefit international buyers ?

Its no secret that the the British Pound has had a turbulent past few years, after the EU referendum back in the summer of 2016 the Pound has fallen as much as 25% against a basket of other major currencies.
What does this mean for international buyers?
Well the short answer is simple, if you purchased a UK property in June of this year, you would have payed a staggering 20% less than you would have done before the referendum.